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Mobile communication operators increase the number of base stations in order to ensure the full coverage. Along with business objects and administrative buildings they're installed at residential houses as well. In most cases, it becomes a cause for complaints from individual citizens, who consider base stations dangerous to health and life. Are they harmful? Is it possible to put them on the roofs of houses? What kind of radiation comes from these units, and what impact do they have on humans? These and other questions were discussed at a broadcast "Round table "Mobile communications: technology, quality, safety", which took place on 15 February in Tashkent.

UMS seeking out young Inha students   27.04.2017 15:16:35
Human resources are one of the key factors of a company's success. UMS, a mobile operator, pays considerable attention to HR development and is seeking out promising specialists. As one of the most attractive employers, UMS helps young specialists find themselves and uncover their true potential for future growth. To this effect, the company closely cooperates with the country's universities.
Uzbektelecom announced it reduced on 21 April its internet rates for Uzbek providers to $67.85 per 1 Mb/s.
At the meetings, the sides discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies in areas of mutual interest.
A desire to meet the expectations of consumers, readiness for constructive dialogue and provision of high-quality services are the main priorities of UMS mobile operator. An important guideline in this direction is analysis of the market of mobile services, competitive offers, and most importantly - study of the degree of customer satisfaction, their opinions and wishes.
UZMOBILE National mobile operator held a press-conference to inform journalists about its latest innovations.
Digital TV of DVB-T2 standard is widely implemented in Uzbekistan today. The old analogue television standards are fading, while viewers who are planning to acquire a new TV, should pay attention to its equipment with DVB-T2 tuner.
On 11 April, over 500 industry analysts, media representatives, and opinion leaders across a range of disciplines gathered in Shenzhen for the 14th annual Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS).
Uzbekistan's information technologies and communications ministry announced a journalist contest titled 'Hamkor juranlist' and focused on ICT.
Kaspersky Lab organised a presentation titled 'Cyber Threats Landscape in Central Asia' at Inha University in Tashkent.
UMS mobile operator constantly expands its coverage and increases the capacity of networks to provide the population of our country with even better communication and the Internet. For this purpose, the company has installed over 150 base stations in all regions of the country for 3 months of this year.

Expanded Meeting of the Board of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan was held

President of Turkmenistan receives Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan

"Children of Independence" Youth Festival kicks off in Tashkent

National Library holds Open Doors week

Yunusabad branch of People's Bank allocates 20 billion soums of credit funds

President of Uzbekistan expresses condolences to President of Kyrgyzstan

Uzbekistan announces best banks in terms of deposits



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